My name is Aaron Martinez and I'm a photographer from West Texas.

My interest in photography started when I got my first DSLR in the fall of 2014. I was in a college video production class that required us to buy a camera that shot video and I bought a Canon 60D.

It didn't take long for me to get used to the feeling of having a camera hanging around my neck at every possible moment and photography quickly became my favorite hobby.

Over the 3 years that I had my first camera, I shot less than half an hour of video with it, but took over eight thousand images before I actually considered taking photography seriously. 

That time was the winter of 2016. Despite a lot of negative events that had happened in such a short time, I was able to find joy in taking photos. One of my earliest night images, called "Cordelia Stars," marks the moment that photography became not just a hobby or a job, but therapy for me.

Why wouldn't I pursue something that's good for me?
My love for photography started in the usual way: buying better lenses, then reselling to buy even better lenses, watching hours of my favorite photographers speaking about their work, reading stacks of books on photography to hone my compositional and technical skills, and, eventually, traveling to places that I hadn't been in years or never had been like White Sands National Monument, or the Grand Canyon.

Only 6 months after deciding to take photography seriously, I had become frustrated and reached the limits of my gear and switched to my full frame Pentax system in the Spring of 2017, which became the largest single investment I had made at one time.

Photo by Alyce Bender

Fast forward to now; I've taught workshops, had work published in books , Newspaper, and magazines, had work featured in galleries, been a mentor to several other photographers near and far, and I'm on the road at least once a month for fun on my own time chasing the light.

Thanks for your support and thanks to those that contribute to my craft through purchasing prints and commercial work.

-Aaron M.

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